Is there a God or a higher power in Buddhism?

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Is there a God in Buddhism? If the answer is no then is it possible to be a Buddhist and also still believe in God? Does Believing in A higher power go against what the Buddha taught. Was the Buddha a God? These are a few of the questions I have been asks and that I will address in this article.

1. Was the Buddha a God?
Buddha was not a God. People might be confused about this due to the many different cultures that worship him as if he was. The term Buddha means the one who is awake. Awake from the delusion and dream of life and the way we perceive it. There are some texts written about him that definitely give him God like quality but it’s my understanding that these are just metaphors used to explain how awake he was. Also because Buddhism takes on the culture it’s practiced in it can make the Buddha a God like being. If the culture is very superstitious then it’ll add that to there Buddhist practice. I believe at the core the historical Buddha never said he was a god and because he said to not worship him he was trying to make it clear to others.

2. Does belief in a higher power go against Buddhism?
No I don’t think so. There are a lot of higher powers in Buddhism. A higher power to me means any power that can help you when your own thoughts and will power are not sufficient. Just to name a couple. Mindfulness, meditation, the 4 noble truths, the 8 fold path, and the sangha. All of these when practiced can and will tap a power that exists that isn’t available when we are using our own ego to make decisions.

3. Do Buddhist believe in God and is it ok for a Buddhist to?
My experience is that a Buddhist can believe anything they want as long as they have ran it through there own logic and have come to believe that it’s true to them. As long as it meets what is called the 3 dharma seals. Every authentic teaching of the Buddha must bear three Dharma Seals: impermanence, non-self, and nirvana. For more information on the 3 Dharma Seals visit this link CLICK HERE

I hope this helps you understand a little bit about the connection between God and Buddhism. These are just my humble opinions that on my path I have found to be true. Below is a short video on God and Buddhism so please check it out. Feel free to comment below and give any of your own ideas on this subject. Have a great day.
Thank you, Samsara

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