5 Ways to deal with your dysfunctional family on the holidays

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We have all experienced uncomfortable moments with family on holidays. Some families are harder to deal with than others. And if we suffer from anxiety or depression it can be unbearable! Here are 5 ideas you can use to lower your stress when having to go to family events.


  1. Bring your own car.

There’s nothing worse than feeling trapped. If you have anxiety or depression this is almost a must. Just knowing you can leave at any time will make the visit that much easier. And if you do bring your own car make sure you’re not blocked in by anyone.

  1. Make plans to does something after the visit.

Having a set time that you have to leave helps a lot. Also it sounds better to the family if you say you have plans than if you just say you want to leave.

  1. Have a friend to call or text.

Make a plan with a friend that you will call them while you are at the event. Or better yet have them call you at a specific time. This will give you the opportunity to get away for a few and regroup.

  1. Be helpful.

One of the best ways to get out of our own heads is to help others. For example help with the dishes is always a great idea.

  1. Hang with the kids.

If you are lucky enough to have some young children at the event just hang out with them. This can be a lot of fun. Kids are usually more enjoyable to be with than disfunctional families. I’m sure the parents will enjoy not having to keep an eye on they for a while.

These are some ideas that I have used and have been very helpful. I hope they will be of benefit to you also.


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